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  Water heater plumbing?

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  1. Most people don't go out looking for a water heater until their existing water heater fails. This is never convenient, and takes a lot of time time to look for a water heater that best fits your homes needs. Energy efficiency is a critical consideration. The wrong choice can cost you thousands of dollars over time. Explore the options with your plumber and decide what type of water heater you want - gas or electric, storage or demand, stand-alone or integrated with your heating system, etc. If you are in Deland, your plumber (Prestige Plumbing) will help you "size your heater" and figure out the proper size for your household, not just in terms of gallon capacity, but first-hour rating as well. This is particularly important with newer energy-efficient technologies.   [edit]
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What is Backflow Prevention?
When you get a letter from your city about your water, it's time to find out.

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